August 12, 2010

Floating On Air: How I Met My Sole-Mate ♥

Oh.  My.  GOODNESS!  I think I'm in love.

Who's the lucky guy?  His name is Cole.  Cole Haan Air Talhia Pump, to be exact.  But I call him Cole Haan for short.  And this is our love story --

Last Saturday was shaping up to be a relaxing, uneventful weekend.  After all, I was only one week into my move back to my parents' house for the summer and recovery from the terror hazing ritual otherwise known as the "Bar Exam."  All was well.  I had no plans.  Nowhere to go.  Nothing to do.  Nothing to see.   No fancy clothes.  No make-up.  No mani/pedi.  It was just me and my laptop settling in for a few hours of much needed r&r.

Now, I've always heard that you find love when you least expect it.  Well, on this particular day, I was certainly not looking.  I was just mindlessly surfing the 'net without any expectations whatsoever.  But then--in the blink of an eye--my life changed forever.   For that's when Alterations Needed introduced me to the love of my life.  The one I had been waiting for all these years.  The one I longed for, but could never seem to find.  The one I was convinced had to be out there, waiting for me too.  It was like a dream come true.  And ladies, let me tell you, it was love at first sight!  My heart literally skipped a beat.  My palms were sweaty.  My breathing was shallow.  Time seemed to come screeching to a halt as soon as I locked eyes with my soul sole-mate.  There he was.  Cole Haan Air Talia Pump.  He was tall (3.5 inch heel).  He was dark (dark chocolate, my shade of "nude").  And, boy, was he handsome!   I couldn't believe it!  We were made for each other.  I just knew that Cole Haan and I were destined to be together.  Forever.

So without skipping a beat, I whipped out my credit card and set up our first date.  Sure it was a risky move, but sometimes you have to take chances in love.  Besides, I would never forgive myself if I let him get away.  I knew there was something special about this Cole Haan fellow, and I had to see him again.  And soon!  Well, Cole must have been pretty eager to see me too.  In fact, he showed up on my doorstep even earlier than I expected.

How was it, you ask?  A lady never tells...

$198 at Zappos (waaaaay too expensive but I got the LAST chocolate pair in 7M)

Oh, ok -- I'll let you in on a few juicy details.  Our first meet-up was great!  Better than I could have ever expected.  See, I wasn't too sure of what to expect at first.  Up close, Cole kind of reminded me of this guy I'd met before named Ralph Lauren.  In fact, the two were strikingly similar.  Ralph and I hadn't hit it off though because I could tell within the first few minutes that he just wasn't a good fit.   But in coming face to face with his Cole Haan look-alike, I had a strange sense of deja vu.  Perhaps I'd made a mistake.  Perhaps Cole wasn't going to be as wonderful as I'd thought he would be.  After all, I've had a string of bad luck in the past with lots of other guys (ironically!) named Cole Haan.  What would make me think that this time would be any different?  A million doubts and questions suddenly began to fill my head.  But Cole was patient and understanding with me.  He begged me to just give him a try.  He was confident that he could win my affections.  He promised that he was different from all those other Coles.

And you know what, dear readers?  He was different.  This new Cole was...well, everything his predecessors weren't.  The new Cole was more than just another pretty face.  He was stylish.  And supportive.  And flexible.  And sophisticated.  And strong.  We complemented each other quite well.  And I felt very comfortable with him right from the start.  I felt like we could go anywhere together -- dancing, dinner, a movie, you name it!   Cole made me feel like a million bucks while we were together.  I literally felt like I was floating on air!  Plus everyone who saw us said we made such a cute pair!  Is it any wonder then that I fell head over heels in love with Cole Haan on our very first date?  Things went so well that I didn't want the fun to end.  So I quickly asked him if I could see him again and, being the perfect gentleman, he obliged.

So we had a second date.  (Even cuter this time, eh?)

$146 at Endless (price-matched against The Shoe Mart)

And a third, too.  (Oh my goodness.  I am swooning!)

$146 at Endless (price-matched against The Shoe Mart)

All in one week.

Now, you might be thinking, "Whoa, Ms. Shopportunity!  Slow down a bit.  You two hardly know each other and are moving kind of fast."  And if you thought that, you'd be right.  But I know a good catch when I see one.  I also know that there are plenty of other size 7M fish in the sea who would scoop up my beloved Cole in a heartbeat.  I just can't take that chance; the disappointment would be too much for me to bear.  After all, I've already grown tired of the chase.  Tired of the hunt.  But just when I thought all hope was lost, my perfect match and I finally crossed paths.  And the rest is history.

But make no mistake about it, dear readers.  Just because a girl is smitten doesn't mean she can't be smart too.  I have already outlined the terms of our relationship with Cole.  He knows where I stand (literally) on the things that matter most to me in a mate.  We're going to take it slow from this point on.  You know, really get to know each other and everything.  He understands that I get 1-year to evaluate our relationship and that I won't hesitate to send him packing if I start to feel pressured, stifled, or unsupported.  But for now, I'm not thinking about any of that.  The only thing on my mind is planning the perfect outfits to wear when I get to paint the town red chocolate (or aubergine or ironstone) with my newfound love, Cole Haan!

P.S. Many thanks to our matchmaker, Alterations Needed, for introducing the two of us.

P.P.S. I have a feeling Cole and I will be seeing a lot of each other moving forward.  I'll post pics of our big adventures together on this blog.  I promise!  So stay tuned.  :-)

P.P.P.S. Does Mr. Wonderful have any brothers, you ask?  Why yes!  Hurry up, ladies, and scoop one up for yourselves before all the good ones get taken! ;-b


  1. He's so very handsome, and sounds like a keeper! Congrats, and may you find many long walks together.

    So glad you like them! Cole Haan is a favorite of mine. =)

  2. ahahhahaa. this really made me laugh. he is HANDSOME! i love them:D


  3. Just.My.Size! Lovely.

    You're safe. Two and 3/4" heels are about as high as I can teeter around on these days.

  4. Are there modeling photos of the new couple(s) together??

  5. LOL so cute, love this review! Yes modeling pics are needed!

  6. you're cute.... I love his shoes too!!! outfit pics pronto.

  7. What a cute post! I just checked online and I think there is additional 20% off on top of the outlet prices this weekend at ColeHaan. I'll be sure to check it out

  8. Such a cute post. Glad to have found you. Those are really classic looking shoes (oh, no, guy) you got there. :)

  9. I heart those shoes, my mom shops at Cole Haan and she loves their shoes and bags. So do I but I don't have money like my mom.

    Check out my blog at:

  10. Love this post- made me smile!! I for some reason can't fit into a 5 in Cole Haan's! They are still too big for me. But the quality and everything is divine!! :)

  11. @ Alterations Needed - Than ks bunches for a great recommendation. I am so happy with my purchases!

    @ Carrie - Thanks for stopping by. I'm checking out your blog too.

    @ Nell Jean - I totally understand! Technically, I shouldn't be wearing heels so high either b/c I have an ankle injury. But these Cole Haans are so cute and comfortable that I'm going to make them work.

    @ PAG - Pics coming soon. I promise. Even though I have to get over my camera shyness. :-b I think I'll do what Alterations Needed used to do and not show my face. (I can't have my clients seeing me on a fashion blog, lol!) But Cole is not camera shy, so there'll be plenty of pics of him.

    @ Curls and Pearls + @ Diya + @ Vicky - Thanks for stopping by, ladies. I appreciate it!

    @ PLG - Did you have any luck at the outlet?

    @ Naked Geek - Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to check out your blog too!

    @ Really Petite - I totally understand. My luck with Cole Haan has been hit or miss up to this point too. But these work though. Maybe you'll get lucky too and find a pair that fits soon!

  12. This post was very entertaining!! Ahh, a true shoe lover will tell someone of a new shoe similar to an unrequited love story. =0P

    How comfy? Like .. you can strut in all day comfy?

  13. @ Hanna - So glad you liked the post! LOL! It's amazing how creative I can be without law school or the Bar Exam lurking over my shoulder.

    As for comfort -- they are very, very comfortable so far. I've been trying them on with different outfits around the house -- on both the floor and carpet and haven't had a complaint yet. Granted, I haven't had occasion to really dress up yet because I don't start work until the fall. I can't tell you how they feel after a full day's work until then, but I'll post about it when that time comes.

    I've been inspired to keep a chronicle of my work outfits moving forward, thanks to great examples from other bloggers like Really Petite, Extra Petite, etc. I'm really excited to go back to work soon after being in school for so long. I just need to buy a tripod and actually put more thought into my wardrobe this time around. Stay tuned!

  14. Cole Haan is my absolute favorite brand of shoes. They're pumps are adorable & sooooo comfortable! Very pleased to see a someone obsessing over them! ^_^