April 21, 2010

Shaping Up: Workout Clothes for the Fit and Fab

Do you have a passion for health and fitness?
Do you enjoy working out and staying active?
Do you do yoga, pilates, or zumba?
Do you run, spin, or bike?

If so, then you know that petite women of every size and shape want properly fitting workout clothes.  Many of us know the frustration of sports bras that sit too low (hello, TJ Maxx clearance bras -- I'm talking to you!) or track pants that are waaaaaaay too long.  But you may not know that there are activewear styles designed with your petite frame in mind!

Now, I realize that most of us do not absolutely need petites activewear.  We can always get away with wearing shorts and a tee on the days that we plan to break a sweat.  But just because we can doesn't mean that we must!  I don't know about you, but I'm much more motivated to exercise or go to the gym if I feel good about the way I look in the process.  So that's why I suggest that we upgrade our workout wardrobes, ladies!  We petites now have more options than ever before to get fit and look fab at the same time!  So no more tripping over our pants legs.  No more rolling up the sleeves to our hoodies.  And no more shopping in the children's section for workout gear!   Here are some of the best-kept secrets for looking "nothing short of amazing" at the gym, the track, the yoga studio, and while lounging around the house...

Sweet Petites promises "the perfect petite fit" in a cute, colorful line of coordinating separates.  Bra tops, workout tanks, and jackets are available in sizes XS - L.  Matching pants are available in the sizes XS - L with  28.5" and 29.5" inseams.  The entire Sweets Petites line was designed to accommodate the unique needs of a petite wearer (e.g. shorter inseasms, shorter rises, a comfortable scaled-down waistband) who wants sexy, stylish, and flattering activewear.

Athleta is a one-stop shop for the petite sports or fitness enthusiast!  Pick your own adventure -- running, walking, hiking, exploring, tennis, golf, cycling, yoga, and more -- and you're bound to find the clothing that you need.  Whether you are looking for reflective tights for an evening run (in sizes as small as petites XXS, no less!), workout pants with a shorter inseam, or tanks and tees that come in very small sizes -- you'll find it here.  Best of all, you get free exchanges on any item at any time and for any reason! 

Lucy offers a great selection of high-performance workout pants in four different styles -- the perfect core, the hatha, the vital, and the everyday.  These pants are for the serious athlete -- offering patented moisture-wicking technology, compression, odor-control, and more!  You can order "short" pants in any style (with inseams ranging from 29.5" to 30.5" depending on the style) in sizes XS - XL.  Buyer reviews and ratings of each piece can help you determine exactly which pair is right for you.  Then you can be sure to get the perfect fit by taking advantage of the site's free shipping and free returns and exchanges on all pants!

Land's End has a great selection of high performance, *budget-friendly* petites activewear.  With sale prices beginning as low as $9.99, you can afford to stock up on a brand new workout wardrobe.  Best of all, Land's End carries specific articles of clothing -- like workout shorts, capris, skirts, and pullovers -- that I haven't found in petites lengths anywhere else.  A lot of other retailers focus only on shortening pants lengths; they don't move on to shortening skirts and shorts and all the rest.   But Land's End has gone the extra mile to make sure that every other item fits you just as well!

Finally, don't forget to check out other petite options available at:
  • Old Navy (including this sports bra that seems to run quite small),
  • Victoria's Secret (with lots of yoga and loungewear with shorter inseams), 
  • REI (with petite pants for your next big adventure),  
  • Herroom.com (with pics/suggestions of undergarments to wear while workout out), and
  • Title Nine (which is "evangelical about women's participation in sports and fitness activities"). 

Still need some inspiration to get up and get moving?
  • Check out an inspiring blog -- the petitEAThlete -- for a fun, motivating look at fitness, nutrition, and health from one petite gal to another! 

Weigh in, ladies!  What sports or fitness activities do you enjoy the most?  


    1. I'll start...

      Well, I was a cheerleader from 6th through 12th grade, so I stayed quite active for most of my early years. Practices several times a week, summer cheer camps, running the mile, stretching out, etc. all kept me lithe and limber!

      Even during college and beyond, I managed to maintain my slender frame without ever having to work out. I could eat whatever I wanted, and the pounds just melted away. But now that I'm approaching 30 years old, I think that my metabolism is changing. I've gained appx. 5 pounds in the last few years, and I'm determined to work them off this summer!

      Now all I need is some cute petites workout gear to get me started... :-)

      My activities of choice -- pilates, zumba, and dance classes (esp. African dance classes -- best workout ever!!!!)

    2. I am embarrassed to say that I do not work-out or exercise in any way, shape or form. But I am thinking about taking tennis or ballet lessons this summer. My husband says I won't follow through- but we'll see!

    3. I've been looking for petite workout gear and though I can get away with shorts/capris, it hasn't been cold enough here to really wear pants, so I haven't had a problem with pants.

      My main issue is with tops. I'd love to find a great sports bra that's functional and pretty. So far, the closest I've come to greatness is lucy in XXS. the lululemon XXS (2) is considered a bit loose on me. =)

    4. @ diary - Tennis sounds like fun! I've always wanted to know how to play. Maybe I'll look into that as well...

      @ stylepint - Wow! You are a tiny one! I'll keep my eyes peeled for more sports bra suggestions! :)

    5. I love to walk every night and as sad as it is- I only have one pair of work out pants and 2 sports bra's..LOL

      Bebe Sport has very petite friendly work out stuff and the sizes run extra small!!! :)

    6. Lululemon offers free alterations on their pants (and I think shirts also).

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